At the age of 6, Tony started his entrepreneurial journey working with his father, cleaning a local Italian bakery for $1 a week! At the age of 10 his father passed away and he realized at a young age to cherish and appreciate his family. At that same time he began working as a landscaper with his Italian neighbor, learning hard work and effort pay off. Years later he would continue to work as many as 3 jobs at the same time while attending school. Tony had a goal of being successful and making his family proud. Fast forward to now, and he has continued to display that same work ethic and love for his family. He owns multiple businesses and looks to continue to grow each of them. He is a licensed CPA, Real Estate Agent, and CFE. He has a gorgeous wife and they have two beautiful daughters. Tony believes If you are passionate about what you do, have a solid work ethic, and put your family first, you will be successful.