Kids don't care on the playground! (And if you want to network, you shouldn't either)

One of the main things kids are inherently good at is introducing themselves to other kids on a playground. If you leave a group of kids together on a local play scape for a few minutes they will believe they are best friends very quickly. My four year old is the master of this art. She will walk up to any boy or girl of any age and start talking to them as soon as they touch the rubber surface. No fear, no insecurities and no real worries about the outcome. Kids just want to play.


As adults we lose this desire to interact with other adults that are strangers (and sometimes non strangers.) I am amazed how many times I am alone with other adults, in a store line, walking down a sidewalk, or riding in an elevator and it is hard for them to even make eye contact, let alone say hi. This is even more apparent at the very same playgrounds where the kids are playing and the parents are sitting and watching your kid interact with their own, but won't even introduce themselves.

Along the journey from four year old slide spinner and thirty year old on-looker we lose interest in interacting with strangers.

I believe overcoming this behavior could be a distinct benefit in business for the following reasons:

Business benefits

1) Foster potential business relationships (you never know when something good might just happen) 👊💰
2) Improve your ability to talk to strangers (critical for sales)👥👫👥👬
3) Enhance your communication skills (listening and talking, specifically listening)👂👌👂👌
4) you may just make someone's day (a simple hello can go a long way, and human interaction can feel good) 👍👍👍

Networking can be done outside
Of networking events! Every interaction is a potential opportunity to grow as a business person as well as a human being.

Kids on a playground have one goal in mind, and albeit a simple one, they just want to play. They realize very quickly that the best way to figure out who wants to play is by saying hello and interacting with one another. Using the same logic in the business world may just help you reach your own goals that much quicker.

Thank you for reading and sharing. Have a great day!