Start Believin'

We all believe in something. Right now is the best time to start believing in yourself.

The American rock band Journey, originally released the iconic anthem “Don’t Stop Believin’” in 1981. The song has outstanding lead vocals, incredible keyboard riffs, and a memorizing chorus. This is a timeless classic that tells us the importance of keeping the belief alive. The song rocks and the message is simple, do not stop believing. This awe inspiring song is telling us not to stop, but exactly how do we start?

How do you start believing in yourself?

Throughout our lives we form our belief system based on our experiences and interactions. We have core beliefs that we use to lead us through our day to day lives. We also have the influences of others — friends, family, and our community that change our beliefs. We believe in Higher Powers, Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Professional Athletes, Musicians, Artists, Teachers, Parents, Friends, Family, and the list goes on. However, we are always so hesitant to believe in ourselves.

The following ideas are key ways to increase the levels in which you believe in yourself.

  • Define who you are. Take yourself seriously. Ask yourself where you are now and who do you want to be. Describe the good and bad about yourself. Realize the good is really good and the bad needs to be worked on. Write it down so you can track your progress. Use social media to track updates and advertise when you hit goals. Identify the circle around you, enlist good people who you trust and will help you.
  • Change the way you feel about yourself. You should have confidence in who you are. Everyone hates a few things about themselves. Most people may admit it and some may not. Do not let negative internal views of yourself make you feel bad or consume you. Allow yourself to celebrate victories, both big and small, as you set your life goals. When you fail, do not see it as a loss, but a chance to learn and improve. Respect others and request that they show you respect. Treat yourself well.
  • Adjust your expectations. Success is a measurement of the mind. Whatever goals and efforts you set for yourself, have patience. As you work through this journey of believing, give it time. You will have setbacks, you will have progress, you will continue to grow. It is not a race but rather your life. Expect it to be how you want it to be, it is achievable, just give it time.

Throughout our lives most are not formerly taught self belief. Most parents try their best, Schools do not offer a class in this life skill, colleges do not offer a major in it. However it is so important. We have amazing abilities as humans. Now is the time take control of your journey, establish your life goals and set your beliefs high. You will succed. It is important for you to start believin’ that.

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A very special thank you to my friend Anthony Gomes for the incredible background picture. Check out his instagram.