The 3 Things I would tell my 15 year old self

Fall is almost here and with it the start of a new school year. High school is one of the craziest periods in each of our lives. Many of us met our best friends there, decide our career paths, and grow from kids to adults. Everyone has there own unique high school experience and I was no different.

The following are three things I would advise myself if I was starting my sophomore year of high school in the next few days

1) lesson one: Relax. Pimples suck and everyone wants to "fit in" (whatever that means) but try remember to breathe. High school is a journey, but a short one in the grande scheme of life. Have fun with your friends, test your boundaries( within legal limits) and put yourself In situations that allow you to grow. Don't sweat all the little details and enjoy the moments as they happen. The decisions you make will impact your future but they will not be the sole definition of who you are
2) lesson two: Do your homework. Yes this really means do your homework. This is a period of your life to learn. You may not get straight A's and you may hate certain subjects that you don't think matter but it's about putting in the work to find this out as soon as possible. If you are lucky enough to figure your passion and career path early great but otherwise use this time to learn. Teachers are assigning homework to help you not them. You will find that some things you learn won't matter but you will also learn those that do. Knowledge is a great asset and being prepared is another. Do your homework to help you figure it out
3) lesson three: high school is complicated just like life. If you think you will find perfection you are wrong. High school has bad teachers, bullies, and bad days...just like life after high school. Take time to realize an A- is not a bad thing (neither is a C if you earned it) Understand that not everyone is going to be your friend and not everyone is going to like you. You may fall in love and you may get your heartbroken but you will live.

High school had lots of lessons and experiences that shaped who I am today
I was hard on myself...looking back as my "wiser" twice as old self I would take five minutes to go through these three lessons with my younger self
Please pass this on to a younger (or older) student who may need it
And good luck this school year !